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How To Replace A Bike Tire

how to replace a bike tire

    bike tire
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A $385 bike(s) repair bill serves as a great reminder to keep close tabs on your bike chain

A $385 bike(s) repair bill serves as a great reminder to keep close tabs on your bike chain

Years ago I learned that you can save your chainrings and cassette by making sure you replace your chain on a regular basis. We're religious about lubing the chains, but when you ride four different bikes, it's hard to keep track of how many miles you've got on any given chain. I've had a Park chain-checker for a while and discovered the biggest flaw in the tool this week - you have to actually use it in order for it to work.

So both of our mtn bikes went into the shop (I really don't have the time anymore for home repairs) where they confirmed the chains were overdue for replacement, so overdue that we had to not only purchase new chains, but three new chainrings as well. Fortunately, the cassettes survived.

Turns out, I also needed new brake pads (front and rear) and Donna needed a new back tire and some new cables. So there you have it... $385.00!!

After the Triathlon

After the Triathlon

Unfortunately, I didn't finish the race. About 3-4 miles into the bike, this happened.

I was going about 30mph following another racer into a corner. He braked too hard on the corner, causing his rear tire to skid/slide. I had to hit my brakes hard, or hit him, so I ended up sliding, too.

The back rim on my bike is ruined. Let me clarify what that means to me. The $500 rim on my bike is ruined. Does that help you understand how I feel about this crash? Not to mention that I've been training for this (and another one after this) since May. The next one is a half Ironman. This one was only a sprint.

At least I'll heal. My bike rim needs replaced. Boo-hoo.

I had a real good chance of winning my age-group, too. Boo-hoo

how to replace a bike tire

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Kids bicycle clothing - Onguard beast chain bike lock - Lightweight bike chain.

Kids Bicycle Clothing

kids bicycle clothing

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kids bicycle clothing - Half Face

Half Face Masks-Half Ear

Half Face Masks-Half Ear

For those occasions when you need partial face protection from the dashing winds and extreme cold, we offer you this reversible, solid black face mask of polyester and neoprene. With shaped nose with open tip, and holes at the mouth, the thick yet flexible material will form to your face and over your ears to provide you with a comfortable fit. The mask is secured with a wide adjustable strap at the back, with a solid black on side and when reversed. Ideal for snow sports, the cushiony featherweight material is weather tested and engineered to keep the harmful elements of cold weather at bay. Made of 70% Neoprene and 30% Polyester. One size fits most with velcrorized strap closure. Face measures 6 inches high, 24 inches wide. Reversible, piped edges for better fit. Hand washable. Water, wind resistant material. Imported. Available in many styles.

87% (10)

MacLennan Trail View Royal Helmcken

MacLennan Trail View Royal Helmcken

Today I cycled 26.3km roundtrip from home to Helmcken Road then onto the E&N railway into the Blue Bridge and back home via Galloping Goose and Lochside Trails. Stopped in at the kid's house along the way. Walked Henderson a couple of times afterward.

Smiling kid in sportwear

Smiling kid in sportwear

one vivitar to backwall, second vivitar on the right with umbrella

kids bicycle clothing

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Mountain Bike Chain Replacement. Comfort Bike Reviews

Mountain Bike Chain Replacement

mountain bike chain replacement

    mountain bike
  • (Mountain biking) Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.

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mountain bike chain replacement - ROLO1MM-18 Nickel

ROLO1MM-18 Nickel Free Italian Sterling Silver 1.5mm Rolo Sturdy Chain Necklace 18"

ROLO1MM-18 Nickel Free Italian Sterling Silver 1.5mm Rolo Sturdy Chain Necklace 18"

Nickel Free Sterling Silver 1.5mm Italian Rolo Sturdy Link Chain Necklace.
Great choice for an uncomplicated and sophisticated look. Wear it alone or add one of our sterling silver pendants or charms to dress it up. Pair with several lengths for a layered stylish look. Small, half-round circles connect together to create lively visual movement and texture. Comes in a variety of necklace lengths, as well as anklet selections.

* Stamped 925 on clasp
* Spring ring clasp
* Made in Italy (stamped on bail)
Chains will be shipped in a FREE gift box making it easy for you to surprise your special someone.

Thank you for shopping at Gem Avenue!

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Typical Rohloff Install

Typical Rohloff Install

My two mountain bikes use the Rohloff 14-speed internal gear hub instread of a der system.

Here's a paste of a review I wrote on the Rohloff hub some years back:

- Wide shifts:
Probably a substitute for proper technique, but I can clean inclines that I couldn't before. Hammer in to it in, say, gear 8, then jump down to 4, then to 1 as needed.

Also, on long climbs I like to alternate in and out of the saddle which, for me, is a 3 or 4 gear shift on each change. With the der I used to do it a lot less frequently than I really like and in the spirit of "Gee, I sure hope I don't miss this shift and take the saddle horn up my butt (again...)".

Now I just snap those wide shifts without even thinking about it. Any time, any place.- I'm always in the right gear, since shifting is essentially trivial; seems like shifts take less than a fiftieth of a second.

- No more rear cog problems: no taco'd cogs, no more vines/small branches/grass wrapped around the cog/der.

- It *seems* pretty-much bombproof. Time will tell, but I was spending more time than I cared to adjusting my der . Also, bending a cog wheel while riding was a PITA.

- Greatly-reduced frequency of missed shifts. "Reduced" and not "Zero" because there is a 'gotcha' between 7 and 8 dumps you into gear 14 if you forget and shift under load.

It pops back into the intended gear as soon as the load comes off, but it's nothing you want to make a habit of doing.

- Ability to shift down when stopped. I think I make more than my share of unplanned stops and I used to have to lift up the rear wheel and rotate the cranks to get down to a starting gear.

Also, my technique sucks and probably won't get any better and it's nice to be able approach an object and slow way, way down before negotiating it without worrying about getting stuck in too high a gear to get over it.

- I don't have to keep mental track of which chain ring I'm on. Sounds trivial, but I don't have any brain cells to spare.

- Maybe not so much of a strength, but it should be mentioned somewhere that 14 speeds are enough.

My original 44-32-22 der setup took me from 18.5 to 104.

With the Rohloff on a 44 I get 19.9 to 104.9 in nice even, uniform 13.8% increments. That's only one less gear and, since I never used 104 it's a wash for me.

With the 38 that I've since gone over to it's 17.2 - 90.6.
I don't get spun out in 90.6 until about 25 mph - and there's no way I can hold that speed for very long anyhow.

I left the old 32 in the middle position just because it weighs next to nothing and, on a big bump sometimes the chain drops (you're supposed to have a front-der-like dingus up there to keep it from doing that ....but I never go around to getting one) the 32 catches the chain. Also allows shifting down to a usually-ludicrous 14.something if things get really bad....


- It costs an arm and a leg.

If my wife ever finds out I spent close to a grand on a rear wheel, she'll start to doubt my sanity.

- This hub weighs a *lot*. It added 1.9 pounds to my already-heavy bike - same rim/tube/tire/spoke gauge.
Anybody who says it only adds a pound must be using a really, *really* heavy cog/hub/der/shifter setup. I was using SRAM 9.0 with twist shifters.

- The installation instructions could use a re-write. I'm no rocket scientist, and after studying them long enough I pulled it off - but it could have been a *lot* easier.

- It's heavy. Are you ready for an 8-pound rear wheel?

- The torque arm mounting that came with it was decidedly un-German (downright kludgey, I'd say...). Hose clamps!

Also sometime during the first hundred miles the little clevis pin that held it all together disappeared. Wasn't a catestrophic failure because the normal riding pressure pushes everything together.... I probably installed the c-ring keeper wrong or something - but it seems like a weak point. Replaced it with a marine shackle set in LocTite.

I have since discovered that there is a more elegant torque arm setup that Rohloff calls the "SpeedBone". Uses the disk brake mount and does not interfere with using a disk brake.

- It's heavy.

- It's noisy, especially in gears 1-7. Supposedly this mitigates with age, but it is still an issue with me at 1,000 miles.

- It's definately less efficient in gears 1-8.

There's a web site somewhere (in German) that supposedly graphs a Rohloff against one of the Shimanos and claims no loss in most gears and 1-2% in the lower gears.

I would disagree with that web site's figures.

- Did I mention that it's heavy?


Bottom Line:

This is definately not for everybody and the torque arm thing bugged me until I got the more elegant replacement.

Having said that, I find that me and the Rohloff are a good match.

I've quickly gotten so used to getting



29th August 2011 - Pete on The Monkey, Cannock Chase.

From Pattingham to Tamworth first thing, picked up Pete and headed to Cannock Chase.

Not a great start. Within 1.5 miles my chain broke. So had to walk/wheel my way down to Swinnertons at Birches Valley, in the increasingly hard rain. Pete took in the end of the Dog from and met me there.

Bought a new chain tool, some spare chain links, and a replacement tyre for the front wheel. Those skinny 1.8" Panaracers were USELESS, and the prospect of riding on them in the wet was not appealing.

Fixed the chain and fitted the new tyre, and finally we could properly begin riding, and rode the Follow the Dog, and The Monkey trails.

First time riding the Scandal for PROPER Mountain Biking. The transition to riding a hardtail was pretty painless. With the new stem the bike handled brilliantly, I have zero issue with the front fork, the new gears were spot on, the new front tyre performed well. However, the one remaining original Panaracer slipped around too much, and the brakes worked well enough, but seriously lacked sharpness.

The only issue from the hardtail is having to take it less aggressively on the rougher sections.

The main problem was just getting my eye in for singletrack full stop, which would've been an issue even on the Zesty. The slick stones of Cannock Chase were very slippery from the rain, but where the trails weren't so bare, compacted and rode really well thanks to the water.

Upper and Lower cliff of The Monkey, and the new end of the Dog rode incredibly well. Favourite part of the day was the end of the Dog, which I nailed, if I do say so myself. Though by the end roller I forgot I was on a hardtail, and landed pretty heavily from the air I'd grabbed. Ouch.

Very pleased with the Scandal's performance.

And no falls for either rider!

mountain bike chain replacement

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My little pony kids 14 inch bike : Building fixed gear bike : Hybrid electric bicycle

My Little Pony Kids 14 Inch Bike

my little pony kids 14 inch bike

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my little pony kids 14 inch bike - Webkinz Pink

Webkinz Pink Pony

Webkinz Pink Pony

Discover a virtual world with Webkinz pets. Webkinz animals come with a special Internet code so your child can interact with it online. The code lets you enter Webkinz World and bring your pet to life. Pet owners can name it, make it a home and even play games. Pink Pony measures 10". Not recommended for children under 3.
Minimum Supported Browsers: Windows - Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0, AOL Explorer 1.5. McIntosh - Safari 1.2.3, Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Fire Fox 1.5, High-speed Internet Required, Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768. Requirements may change; check for latest revisions.

87% (8)

PONY. I swear.

PONY.  I swear.

So when our waitress tonight asked if there was anything she could get for anyone I said, "A pony." As she was walking off I said, "White, with black spots."

She came back from the kitchen to let me know that there weren't any ponies, that they were all out. I insisted that I needed a pony and she informed me she could charge me for one if I wanted, but she was sorry, they were all out.

She ended up charging me for a pony. That's just crazy. I never got my pony.

Dartmoor Pony

Dartmoor Pony

Another of our Native wild ponies. The dartmoor ponies are more stocky than the New Forest Ponies. They live in a higher, windier more barren place.

my little pony kids 14 inch bike

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Next 21 Speed Bike

next 21 speed bike

    speed bike
  • A racing bicycle, commonly known as a road bike, is a bicycle designed for road cycling according to the rules of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). The UCI rules were altered in 1934 to exclude recumbent bicycles.

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next 21 speed bike - Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

Polaris Ranger Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

The Polaris Ranger combines a Shimano? 21-speed drive-train, front and rear V-brakes, Alloy rims and knobby all-terrain tires, all mounted to a sturdy steel dual-suspension frame to make a winning combination. Available in 26" wheel and 24" wheel boys and girls styles.

This 26-inch women's mountain bike from Polaris is perfect for all of your adventures, both on- and off-road. With Shimano's dependable 21 speed Tourney gearing and SRAM grip shifters, hitting the dirt trail or bike path is fun, comfortable, and easy. The durable steel hardtail frame and front suspension fork offer a smooth ride on the bumpy singletrack.
Features & Specifications:
26-inch men's mountain bike
Steel hardtail frame
21 speeds
Non-adjustable front suspension; 50mm travel fork
Alloy wheels; 26 by 1.5 inches
Innova all-terrain tires; 26 by 1.95 inches
Shimano Revo twist shifters
Shimano TZ31 front derailleur
Shimano Tourney rear derailleur
Alloy crank
MTB type pedals and saddle
Steel handlebars MTB; 30 mm rise
Steel stem; 25 degree rise; 100 mm
Steel threaded headset; 1 inch
Linear pull rear brake
Shipping Weight: 30 pounds

80% (8)

The Clockwork Orange

The Clockwork Orange

This is my fixie. Photo taken in 2003 when it was brand new.

It's an 1970's Raleigh mixte frame that I got from a neighbour but I've replaced almost every bit of it.

- Budget Suzue flip-flop hub on the rear.

- Small flange Shimano hub from an old wheel on the front. Put a solid axle in for security.

- Shwalbe Marathon tyres on Alesa Endeavour rims.

- Lightweight stem from a sale and Profile Airwing bars.

- Original brake on the front, still works well.

- Seatpost from another sale and an uncomfortable saddle from my bits box.

- SPD pedals on the end of the original cottered crankset.

- Headset and bottom-bracket are original (with new balls).

- Painted it bright dayglow orange (the colour's called Kaos Orange: 89p a can in the Halfords sale).

- Took the rack and mudguards from another old bike. Had to make some wee brackets and braze them onto the seat-stays to mount the rack. (One braze on has snapped in the last year, now secured with a cable tie.)

- Shiny new chrome horn to finish it off. Poop poop! (This got nicked within a year. Poo poo!)

The gearing's a leisurely 48*21 and used to carry me 8.5 miles each way into Aberdeen every day.

I might replace it for next winter (it's getting a bit rusty, and the chainline's never been right).

77 Marty NUTT

77 Marty NUTT

Castlerock's Marty Nutt enjoyed a profitable two races at Cadwell Park over the Bank Holiday weekend where he was competing in round 9 of the British Supersport Championship. The rider scored points in both of his outings and ended the weekend with one of his best rides of the season, 9th, after fighting his way strongly through the field.

Having qualified in 13th place for Sunday's 'Sprint' race, a strong start saw Marty end the first lap in 14th place and here he remained for the next two laps as he battled it out with Pauli Pekkanen and Paul Young for 12th. However, on lap 4, he made a mistake exiting Chris Curve and the subsequent excursion onto the grass dropped him back down the order to 21st. Despite the considerable time lost, Marty dug deep and put in, arguably, one of his best rides of the season as he fought his way back through the pack. By lap 7, he was up to 19th and this soon became 17th as he overhauled both David Paton and Shaun Winfield. On the tenth lap he moved back into the points in 15th and he took the chequered flag two laps later in 14th, just half a second adrift of 12th. This then became 13th as Anthony Rogers was excluded from the results following a post-race inspection.

next 21 speed bike

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