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How To Replace A Bike Tire

how to replace a bike tire

    bike tire
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A $385 bike(s) repair bill serves as a great reminder to keep close tabs on your bike chain

A $385 bike(s) repair bill serves as a great reminder to keep close tabs on your bike chain

Years ago I learned that you can save your chainrings and cassette by making sure you replace your chain on a regular basis. We're religious about lubing the chains, but when you ride four different bikes, it's hard to keep track of how many miles you've got on any given chain. I've had a Park chain-checker for a while and discovered the biggest flaw in the tool this week - you have to actually use it in order for it to work.

So both of our mtn bikes went into the shop (I really don't have the time anymore for home repairs) where they confirmed the chains were overdue for replacement, so overdue that we had to not only purchase new chains, but three new chainrings as well. Fortunately, the cassettes survived.

Turns out, I also needed new brake pads (front and rear) and Donna needed a new back tire and some new cables. So there you have it... $385.00!!

After the Triathlon

After the Triathlon

Unfortunately, I didn't finish the race. About 3-4 miles into the bike, this happened.

I was going about 30mph following another racer into a corner. He braked too hard on the corner, causing his rear tire to skid/slide. I had to hit my brakes hard, or hit him, so I ended up sliding, too.

The back rim on my bike is ruined. Let me clarify what that means to me. The $500 rim on my bike is ruined. Does that help you understand how I feel about this crash? Not to mention that I've been training for this (and another one after this) since May. The next one is a half Ironman. This one was only a sprint.

At least I'll heal. My bike rim needs replaced. Boo-hoo.

I had a real good chance of winning my age-group, too. Boo-hoo

how to replace a bike tire

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