Kids bicycle clothing - Onguard beast chain bike lock - Lightweight bike chain.

Kids Bicycle Clothing

kids bicycle clothing

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kids bicycle clothing - Half Face

Half Face Masks-Half Ear

Half Face Masks-Half Ear

For those occasions when you need partial face protection from the dashing winds and extreme cold, we offer you this reversible, solid black face mask of polyester and neoprene. With shaped nose with open tip, and holes at the mouth, the thick yet flexible material will form to your face and over your ears to provide you with a comfortable fit. The mask is secured with a wide adjustable strap at the back, with a solid black on side and when reversed. Ideal for snow sports, the cushiony featherweight material is weather tested and engineered to keep the harmful elements of cold weather at bay. Made of 70% Neoprene and 30% Polyester. One size fits most with velcrorized strap closure. Face measures 6 inches high, 24 inches wide. Reversible, piped edges for better fit. Hand washable. Water, wind resistant material. Imported. Available in many styles.

87% (10)

MacLennan Trail View Royal Helmcken

MacLennan Trail View Royal Helmcken

Today I cycled 26.3km roundtrip from home to Helmcken Road then onto the E&N railway into the Blue Bridge and back home via Galloping Goose and Lochside Trails. Stopped in at the kid's house along the way. Walked Henderson a couple of times afterward.

Smiling kid in sportwear

Smiling kid in sportwear

one vivitar to backwall, second vivitar on the right with umbrella

kids bicycle clothing

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